lunedì 16 maggio 2016

Red Dot Award 2016 para Miguel Arruda

É com muito gosto que vos damos conhecimento da atribuição do Red Dot Award 2016 à SPHERICAL produzida pela MOVECHO e seleccionada entre 5214 productos oriundos de 57 paises e distinguida pelo Red Dot Jury.

SPERICALs timelessness dates back to 1968 when Architect MIGUEL ARRUDA created a small piece of art that was replicated on a large scale in 2010, at the Cultural Centre of Belém, in Lisbon – the Habitable Sculpture – wich is at the origin of this piece of furniture. SPHERICAL was designed to inhabit this sculpture and is now available for a great variety of potential uses. This MOVECHO piece distinguishes itself through its resilience, ergonomics and warm softness, wich are exclusicve features of cork.

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